Podium Training

Today was podium training.  It was the first opportunity I had to jump in the North Greenwich Arena and on the competition trampolines.  Podium training is basically a run through of competition day.  From warm-up, to marching out, to being presented and most importantly to train on the competition equipment.  It was nice to have a “mock” competition to see what it is going to feel like.  Of course the stands are empty and it will feel much different when they are filled with 17000 people.

I felt great on the competition equipment.  It was a bit of a change from the trampoline we have been training on because they are brand new.  They will change a bit before we compete because the men will jump on the equipment tomorrow and break the trampolines in more.  So our one-touch warm up on competition day will be our only chance to feel out the trampolines.

Near the end of training I was jumping on the trampoline imagining what the room will be like on competition day and doing some mental training to prepare for my event.  I am excited to see the men’s trampoline competition tomorrow because we will really get to see what the atmosphere will be like and get used to the live commentary of the event.

I am so pumped for Jason and can’t wait to cheer him on!

Tomorrow we will have a light training in the morning at Greenwich Academy, our training location and then return to the village for an ice bath and relax before we head over to watch Jason compete.  I will get a chance to finally see my husband and parents as they will be in the stands watching the men’s trampoline event.  I am looking forward to seeing them and feeling their love and support before I compete.  Knowing that they will be in the stands on my competition day, cheering me on, will be a huge support for me.

It has been 5 years since my husband Matt has watched a live trampoline competition (2007 World Championships in Quebec) so he is very excited.  He wasn’t in Beijing because of school so he hasn’t experienced an Olympic trampoline competition since he competed in Sydney and Athens.  I wonder what memories it will bring back for him and how he will feel.  I am so happy he is here to support me. I think back to when we competed at the Olympics together and it’s filled with great memories!

When I return to the village tomorrow night, I will have a good dinner, get some treatment from my therapist and get a good night’s sleep.

Then it’s competition day. GO CANADA GO!