Canadian trampoline veterans reflective as event nears

The Globe and Mail

Photo Credit: MARK BLINCH/REUTERS Canada’s Karen Cockburn and Rosie MacLennan were the last two to leave the floor of the Olympic trampoline venue on Thursday, taking a moment alone there before they contend for the podium in two days time.

All of the trampolinists in the men’s and women’s competitions had their one day in the actual Olympic venue on Thursday, testing the two official trampolines. Both veteran Olympians, Cockburn and MacLennan were very precise about what they wanted to accomplish in the one-hour session they had with a group of other trampolinists. They took a moment alone at the end to do visualization.

“We were imagining what it will be like filled with people,” said Cockburn. “We were trying to mentally train and prepare ourselves.

They said they noticed the trampolines soften up as the session went on. They added that organizers have people to jump on them before the athletes arrive in order to soften them for the athletes. They anticipate the trampolines will soften again by their competition on Saturday after the men compete on them Friday.

The athletes get to choose between the two available trampolines, which one feels better to them, since they vary in power and timing for the athletes.

Cockburn and MacLennan have been living with Canada’s women’s artistic gymnasts in the athlete’s village. They have decorated it in Canadian flags.