Daily Routine at the Olympics

Each day at the Olympics fills up quickly with things to do.  We basically have everything scheduled for the entire week leading up to our competition, from when we set our alarm in the morning to when we go to sleep.

Once we’re up, it’s shower, get ready and pack our bag for the day.  Then we walk to the dining hall for breakfast, then walk to the transportation hall to catch a scheduled bus to training that runs every 30 minutes (so you do not want to miss your bus). It’s about a 20 minute drive to our training location.  When we arrive, I use a foam roller and fit stick to loosen up my muscles and then get my feet and shins taped up for training by my therapist.

Then I do a 15 minute warm-up on the ground, then my training session on the trampoline.  We are in training groups with other countries and it’s motivating watching your competitors train alongside you.

After training, I do 20 minutes of stretching then ice my knees and shins.  This whole process takes about 4 hours. Then we catch a bus back to the village for lunch and strength training.  After that, we head back to the Canada residence for ice baths and an hour of treatment with our therapist, then back to the dining hall for dinner.

We spend the evening at the Canada residence. Every night there’s a short team celebration where we celebrate Team Canada’s performances from that day!  It’s motivating to see highlights of athletes competing in their events. Then it’s bedtime and the day starts again.

It’s great to be busy because it leaves little time to sit around and think too much of the upcoming competition.

When we do have a bit of free time at the residence, we find things to keep us busy.  Last night, we decorated our apartment with the artistic gymnasts to make it feel a bit more Canadian.   Our apartment now feels a lot more lively! We hung the amazing flag that we received on Canada Day in Milton.  Reading all the signatures and messages as we walk by is giving us motivation and support!