Opening Ceremonies and Training

The opening ceremonies were amazing and it was an honour for Jason and I to be picked to march in the front row.  As I walked into the stadium it finally hit me that we’re here, the Games are starting and I’m about to compete in my 4th Olympic Games.

Resting on the grass

The highlight of the night was watching the lighting of the Olympic flame and marching around the stadium with Team Canada.

It’s not all glamorous though, considering we had to walk 4km there and back and stand from 8pm to 2am.  I taped up my legs and feet for support of my injuries and grabbed a seat on the ground when there were opportunities.  Of course, it’s all worth it to experience the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Since the ceremonies, I’ve been focusing on training and recovery.  I had a great training yesterday. I’m adjusting to the trampolines here nicely and my coach is helping me perfect my routines and track my flight times.

I took yesterday off to rest my body since  I’ve been having a lot of pain in my shins.  I have never had shin splints in my entire career, so of course they had to start last week.  It may just be an inflammation or it could be stress fractures from all of the training.

Right now I’m just trying to have good but short practices and lots of therapy and ice to take care of my body. My medical team is helping me stay on top of everything and making sure I’m ready for competition.  I have faced these challenges before: there is always curve balls thrown your way as you prepare for competition, so this is just something I will have to push through!

I went to watch the women’s artistic gymnastics yesterday. It was my first time in the venue and it was great to get an idea of what to expect the arena to feel like on my competition day. I was thrilled when Canadian women’s artistic gymnastics team qualified for the finals – go Canada go!

Now that I know what the arena is like, I will do some mental training to prepare myself and get acclimatised to the atmosphere in the arena.


All taped up and ready to jump!Dave at the training facility