The Village

Yesterday I arrived at the athlete village and went straight to lunch.  The main dining hall is huge, lots of different foods.  There is British/English, Mediterranean, Caribbean, African, Indian and Asian.  There is so much choice! But I stick to what’s most similar to what I eat at home and stay on the strict healthy diet I am used to.  After the competition there will be plenty of time to try all the different selections of food.

I enjoyed seeing all the athletes from different countries in the dining hall. You get to see so many different body types, from the tiny gymnasts to super tall basketball players. My team mates and I had fun playing the game “guess their sport”.

After lunch we had an orientation session with one of the Canadian athlete service officers.  We learned information about the village and all of the things we have access to in our team Canada building – athletes lounge, medical center, fitness center, nutritionist, etc.

Next it was time for outfitting.  We received all of our Canadian Olympic team clothing and found out what we’re going to be wearing for opening ceremonies!  We tried everything on, exchanged sizes and the tailor shortened all of our pants.  We got so many clothes! (I definitely over packed.)

After returning to the village I unpacked and relaxed in my room with my roomie Rosie and got some much needed sleep!

Unfortunately this morning we could not sleep in.  We were up at 6:30am and headed out in the rain to the dining hall for breakfast.  It was so nice and hot here yesterday I was wondering what all the fuss about the weather was about.  We caught our bus at 8:00 am to Greenwich Academy for training.

There were 4 trampolines to choose from in the training center, all brand new, so they’re pretty tight and hard on the body.  It will take a day or two to get used to the trampolines and become comfortable with our routines.

Ice Baths. Also the view from my bedroom.

After a few hours of training we headed back to the village for lunch, an ice bath and some much needed therapy from my osteopath Steven King. I am looking forward to a quick nap before we have to get ready for dinner and opening ceremonies.  It is going to be a late night but I am so excited to march in with team Canada this evening.