Last Workout

As we prepare to leave for London tomorrow evening, this is one of the last opportunities that I will have to work out in the comforts of home, Skyriders Trampoline Place.

Skyriders is my home away from home. It’s the place where I met my husband, where I’ve built life long friendships and where I’ve formed a bond with my coach, Dave Ross, who has seen us travel the world to compete for Canada.  In terms of winning World Cup events and Olympic medals, Dave is probably the most accomplished coach in Canada but you would never know it by meeting or talking with him.  I could not have accomplished any of my goals without Dave.  When we get to the Olympics, it will be Dave who tests the trampoline stability, looks for little things and manages our workouts and access to the media so that we can achieve our goal.  There’s little public glory for our coach but we all know how proud he is when we give it our all.  Dave owns and built Skyriders because of his passion for the sport and I am truly thankful.  Where would I have been without Skyriders and this crazy, passionate entrepreneur who built this place?  I love Skyriders and hope to be associated with the club for many years to come.

The familiar smells and sounds of home and knowing that our preparation has been as good as any athlete in the world is what gives us huge comfort and confidence as we move forward to London.  Our workout today will last 4 hours and will focus on every aspect of each routine.  Striving for height and perfect form, we repeat it, and repeat it, and repeat it until we are satisfied with the quality of the routine.  After the workout comes the ice bath – yes, the ice bath! Every time I say it, I start to get cold but it’s the best relief for my muscles and joints.

When I leave Skyriders today it will not be the last time I will be there but it will be a moment that I will never forget, it has been home for so many years.  We are heading to the world stage, knowing that we are ready, because of the training Skyriders has provided.

To my friends and family at Skyriders, the young athletes, my fellow world class athletes, the volunteers, coaches, Rosie and Jason and especially Dave Ross… thank you.